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Friday, NOV 25, 2022


11.00h  Public Master Class

Great Ballads

Award winners of the competition "Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne", Graz

class held by

Dietrich Henschel, baritone

Sholto Kynoch, piano

19.00h Aperitif

Appetizers and Sparkling Wine


19.30h  Opening Concert

Friendship | Daylight - Moonlight

Franz Schubert - Ralph Vaughan-Williams - Gustav Mahler and others

Lotte Betts-Dean, mezzo-soprano

Dietrich Henschel, baritone

Sholto Kynoch, piano

Lotte Betts Dean.png
Portrait Profil Palma.jpg
Portrait Sholto 1.jpg
21.00h Reception
Amuse bouche and Wine of your choice


21.15h Dinner for the Friends and Supporters of the LiedFest

LFBO Logo klein.PNG
LFBO Logo klein.PNG
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Curated by Chef Daniele Pizzioli from Trieste

Products for the VIP dinner will be sourced from the Trieste, very local and representative of the sea and the terroir. Each course will be paired with wine from the region.

"I'm very committed to the sustainability of our seas and the duty of exploring new interesting ways of using sustainable seafood from the North Adriatic."   Daniele Pizzioli

Saturday, NOV 26, 2022


11.00h  Public Master Class

Great Ballads

Award winners of the competition "Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne", Graz

class held by

Dietrich Henschel, baritone

Sholto Kynoch, piano

13.00h  Master Class Presentation


14.00h Lunch 

Pasta, Wine and Water

15.00h  HOLY SOLITUDE - Scenic Recital

Musical Friendship

Kodàly Zoltán - Farkas Ferenc - Szervánszky Endre -  Bartók Béla - Liszt Ferenc

Dániel Foki, baritone  

Elenora Pertz, piano

Luisa Koepp, director

Daniel Foki.png
Elenora Pertz.png
Luisa Koepp.png

17.30h  Wine Tasting Part I

Introducing a selection of wines from the border areas between Italy and Slovenia


18.00h  Recital

Musical Friendship

Viva Italia   

Vincenzo Bellini - Francesco Tosti - Fred Buscaglione - Giancarlo dal Re - Hugo Wolf

Ania Vegry, soprano

Simon Bode, tenor 

Jan Philip Schulze, piano

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-22 um 17.53.01.png
Jan Philip Schulze.png

19.30h Aperitif 

Appetizers and Wine

20.00h  Recital

Daylight - Moonlight

Licht in der Nacht

Alexander Zemlinsky - Nadia Boulanger - Lili Boulanger - Arnold Schönberg - Alma Mahler - Claude Debussy - Maurice Ravel - Alban Berg

Coline Dutilleul, mezzo-soprano

Kunal Lahiry, piano

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-24 um 10.58.46.png
Kunal Lahiry Álfheiður Erla Guðmundsdóttir photo 1.jpg

21.30h Wine Tasting Part II

Introduction to the world of Orange Wines

22.00h Late Night Concert

Moonlight and Nightlife


Come to the Cabaret

Benjamin Britten - George Gershwin - Kurt Weill - Erik Satie - Mischa Spoliansky

Lotte Betts-Dean, mezzosoprano

Sholto Kynoch, piano

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-22 um 18.01.29.png
Portrait Sholto 1.jpg

23.15h Night Cap - Surprise Concert

Sunday, NOV 27, 2022
Cafe open at 10.00h
Concert at 10.30h

Komm in den Zauberwald! Come to the Magic Forest!
Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-09 um 19.30.15.png

We are inviting you to a journey in the magical wood… who knows who you could meet there? A princess? A witch? An animal singing under the moonlight? Don’t be scared and follow us on this musical adventure! And don’t forget to bring with your pillow! 


How will it work?

Children are considered the guests of honor, and out of respect they are invited to attend this concert independently. So, after being dropped off at the door the guests will be ushered in by the LiedFest personnel to the seating area, and will be watched over through the concert. Parents are of course welcome to attend in the hall too, or have the option of enjoying a coffee in the parents area. 


The hall will open at 10.00 am for anyone looking to catch breakfast before their adventure in the magic forest! Juices, croissants, muffins (and coffee or tee for the grownups) will be served. 

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